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Update, June 2013: Dudes, I am super lazy about updating this, and AO3 is way more navigable than this mess of a list. If you want to find fic on my journal, the tagging system should have your back (or leave a comment and I will help you find the fic!).

Since fanfiction and fanart are basically the only things I post, here's a list. I realize you could just go through my tags, but I hate doing that on other people's journals, so why should I make anyone else?

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Fic: And More Are on the Way

New fic! By which I mean - fic that I wrote and posted to tumblr ages ago, and am only cleaning up now because I need it posted properly for my new year round-up.

And More Are on the Way
Baseball RPF
Rating: pg
Characters: Pablo Sandoval, Madison Bumgarner, Bruce Bochy
Wordcount: 950ish
Summary: There are reasonable explanations for how Bumgarner managed to be so dominant in the 2014 postseason. This is not one of them.
A/N: Set between games 6 and 7 of the 2014 World Series (and written pretty immediately after the WS, I just didn't get around to archiving it).

Read it on the AO3!

I've been very baseball lately and it's only slowed down a LITTLE since the season ended - just last week I wrote some asexual!Brandon Finnegan pretend marriage not-fic, which I will admit is a weird direction to go with my life. I've been keeping it mostly to tumblr because that's where the baseball fans I interact with are, but let me know if you want to talk about baseball and I will talk about it so much omg. Probably not coherently, though.

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yuletide has happened!

This year I got two (two!) fics for Yuletide and I adore both of them so much, gosh. They are both about sports but only tangentially, in much the way that my fannish life recently has been weirdly about and not about sports.

My main fic was for By the Sword (!!!!)

Not like I feint every time we touch (1831 words)
Fandom: By the Sword (1991)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Max Suba/Alexander Villard, Danny Gallagher, Erin Clavelli
Summary: It’s all about prise de fer, baby.

This is a very silly fic about a terrible fencing movie that I love. I talk about By the Sword ALL THE TIME, I have forced many people to watch it, and now I can apparently add my Yuletide author to that list :D And they have written me the perfect coda to the movie, one that embraces the absurdity, doesn't let anyone off the hook, and includes a soundtrack. It's glorious. Also I am in love with the title. (And if any of this is intriguing you and you want to watch the original movie - it's on youtube!)

I also got a bonus fic for the Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles which makes me super gleeful.

VII. Lakeland (2002 words)
Fandom: The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Tim Tebow, lots of Argonauts
Go Toronto Argos go go go
Pull together fight the foe foe foe
Scoring touchdowns for the blue on blue
The Argos will win for you!

TTCC is a surreal take on football, Canada, and the energy crisis. This fic is also a coda, bringing the tone of the ending way way up as Tim Tebow's football studio is joined by a bunch of former Argonauts and made into a success. It's really funny and sweet and has excellent illustrations, and it's exactly what I wanted from TTCC fic.

Man, what a great Yuletide. IDK when I'll get around to going through the rest of the collection, but I'm looking forward to it.

(As usual I went a little off the deep end on the last couple days, so I have 5 fics in the main collection and 6 in Madness. So far they've been well received :) )

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I am super behind on a lot of blogging stuff, so my goal is to get through them before the new year. This is the first of two concert posts! And a post about Yuletide is to come later today.

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not-fic prompt post

Hey so I have been sad all day due to car troubles preventing me going home + my uncle’s dog dying + THE WORLD. I have been trying to combat this with a lot of self-indulgent things and I’m having variable and mostly low success rates so I need a distraction. Give me fic prompts and I will try to put together some kind of not-fic thing! Silly/trope-y fic prompts preferred, any fandom, if I don’t know the fandom I will shrug and the not-fic will probably be very sketchy, haha.

Really I should be writing my yuletide fic and I AM, but unfortunately it is a little angsty atm and it keeps setting me off again.

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random WIP meme

Yooo, I have had a stressful/dead-line filled past few days, full of little sleep and a surprise mouse corpse in the sink. So I am doing this WIP meme! I am going to post favorite lines or SOMETHING from the... seven WIPs certainly sitting on my desktop waiting for me to survive the last week of term. It would be nine, but I can't mess with the Yuletide-related ones.

If you want to know more about any of the WIPs, just ask and I will happily babble. And feel free to take this chance and post your own WIP stuff, because I'm always interested to know what people are working on.


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Hi, here is one of those omphaloskeptic posts about fencing.

Fencing! Fencing. Much of my life is consumed by fencing. Things that have happened or are happening soon:
Club practice started up, I'm one of the club officers and run part of practice once a week when the coaches can't make it.
I went to a referee clinic and got rated to direct all three weapons.
I finally won my E rating at a local competition.
I've been learning bits and pieces of ASL to help coach a new deaf fencer on my club team.
I've been practicing an average of 10-12 hours a week, woooo.
I also started taking lessons consistently for the first time in basically ever, from a super great coach who I haven't really gelled with yet but who does seem to get what my main technique problems are.
I had a competition last weekend where I went 20-3 and mostly did not have a meltdown and strip-coached and talked to friends from other teams and was awake for 24-fucking-hours between travel and competing and travel again.
High school practices are about to start up again, at which point my personal practice time is going to take a nose-dive and I'll be coaching about 10 hours a week and only practicing between 2 and 4.

Skill-wise, I've had some really clear indicators lately that I'm trending up! The directing rating, and the E, and the 20-3 record. A friend of mine who coaches for another team told his fencers that I was a 'good - not amazing, but competent' fencer, which is extremely accurate and pretty high praise from him. Although I gave him a hard time about it, haha. It can be hard to tell how I'm doing since my benchmarks are other fencers who are ALSO getting better, so the concrete signals help.

Time commitment is a challenge. I don't have time to do all this stuff - or I do, but barely. The more I talk to older fencers, the more I realize that almost everyone, even the very best people, even college coaches and world-class referees, lives a dual life between fencing and their 'real' job. And living that kind of dual-track seems exhausting but also inevitable. I already know that part of my job search when I'm done with my PhD will depend on what universities are hiring near fencing hotspots. Which is worrying, because you honestly don't have that much choice with academic jobs. I guess I'll just play it by ear.

Emotions-wise - ehhh. I'm beginning to figure out that it's always going to be a matter of good and bad days for me. I've had a lot of good days recently and only a couple of bad practices where I just could not deal with how shitty I was feeling. At this most recent competition I was mostly good and having a great time, but apparently I scared a few of the newer fencers by yelling/being super intense. Not sure what to do about that, but the more experienced people said I was fine so maybe it will just have to be part of the competition experience for newbies. I also got really upset after a late 4-5 loss and scratched my face a little (which is a fun new self-harm behavior that I hadn't done before). But I bounced back quickly and finished the competition on a good note. I don't know where that leaves me. I care SO MUCH about fencing, way more than most things I do, and it's definitely where the majority of my emotions end up. Coaching takes me out of it a little, so it may be that as my fencing career trends further into the 'senior team member/strip-coach' area I'll even out more. We'll see! I think mostly I need to refocus from 'I am going to make myself stop being so intense and miserable about fencing' to 'I am going to make sure I can turn around quickly from being intense and miserable and just keep fencing because that will make me feel better.'

I also wrote up 3 emails for my team-mates about how they did and what their next steps should be, ran them past the head coach, and got them ready to send out. That helped me a lot and hopefully it will help them too! Senior team memberrrrr.

I feel like this is a more up-beat post than most I've made about fencing, anyway. So that's trending up too, haha.

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be aware

By the way, it is Asexual Awareness week! Be aware, very aware. I'm a lot more open about my sexuality nowadays, but I hate trying to explain asexuality to people when it's me under the magnifying glass. It would be great if I had to do that basically... never, haha.

For asexuality awareness week I coincidentally sent a huge amount of asexuality resources to someone I talked to for a research project, so I am going to pass this all along, with my own personal opinions about the different sources, natch.

AVEN is the largest asexual advocacy group - while I don't engage with the forum very much, their FAQs and info pages are pretty comprehensive.

Asexual Awareness Week also have a very good FAQ.

There's a documentary on Netflix called (A)Sexual that discusses a lot of issues surrounding asexual inclusion and asexual daily life - I found it to be a bit basic, but it would probably be a good intro into how people are thinking about and engaging with Asexuality.

The Huffington Post ran a series on Asexuality that's actually really good and gets into a lot of the debates regarding asexual inclusion.

Finally, there are a lot of asexual bloggers who you might want to check out for a more personal take, but while writing this I realized that most of the sites I would recommend have stopped being updated in the last year or two. So I guess I would suggest checking out the AVENwiki's list.

While researching this, I also found out that one of the people who organize Asexual Awareness Week and I went to the same school at exactly the same time for undergrad and I never knew. So, uh. That's what I get for being totally disengaged with LGBT+ organizations while I was in college, haha.

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beta search

Heyy, I am trying really hard to finish my Doctor Who remix fic - it's due by next Friday. Does anyone have time to take a look at it on Monday/Tuesday? Genfic, Classic and New Who, but no canon knowledge needed. Happy to trade betas etc although I'll be offline all weekend.

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Hello, author! I am so psyched for Yuletide and I'm hoping you are too, because we have matched and thus you have EXCELLENT taste.

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